Album Reviews

Zygnema – Born of Unity (2010)

  • Review by: Adarsh

My first taste of Zygnema was at Hammerfest held over a month ago, not live, but after buying their CD and listening at home.   Knowing nothing about the band except for the fact that they play groove metal I began listening without any pessimism.

The intro Phobia has something to do with the Mumbai terrorist attacks (forgive me,I don’t understand hindi very well). The  production seems quite kickass in the album, drums tones extremely smooth accentuating Mayank Sharma’s impeccable skills. I initially was sceptical about the album, as I expected to find the Core element in it but realised Zygnema somehow aren’t any bigger fans of Core than I am. I did find some good thrash metal riffs in some songs. The vocals are quite awesome, production wise and even otherwise. Goes very well the total feel of the song.

Being a one guitarist band has always been a gamble, the band is definitely gonna sound like how the guitarist would sound alone. And he’s got to be powerful enough, and must take centre stage in every song, delivering both riffs and solos himself. I somehow feel Siddarth doesn’t seem to be able to do it. Playing what they play, there aren’t really stand-out catchy riffs. And soloing is absent in most songs, like Machine State Hibernation which is purely a rhythm based song, but not a very great song when it comes to rhythm guitar. The groovy riffs come only in Discriminate, giving you quite a sense of relief. Or more of an idea as to what sound to expect from the forthcoming songs on the album. There are parts where a certain Pantera influence is clearly noticeable, both on guitars and vocals. National Disaster is somewhat a patriotic track, lyrically. The only track with a legitimate solo, a very mediocre one at that.

The last track, the title track isn’t a very great closing song, definitely not one that leaves you wanting for more. The album is surely not one that makes a mark, in your head or anywhere else. Mayank Sharma’s drumming is the saving grace on many a song, and definitely makes up for Siddarth’s lacklustre guitaring. Also wanna say that the absence of the Core element makes it worth a listen or two. I feel these guys could do with another guitarist, at least sound more powerful, bearing in mind the lyrics that they write and the feel they wanna create.