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UNDYING INC – Evilution Of A Manimal

  • Review by: Madhav R

What would you do it someone told you that you have just 10 minutes left to live? You’d do what any Indian metalhead would do. Put on Undying Inc’s EP “Evilution Of A Manimal” and spend the last few minutes of your life headbanging to cyclic patterns of overwhelming aggression, caught in a complex web of crushing riffs, flavoured with relentless drumming and served chilled with gut wrenching vocals.

This is Undying Inc’s latest studio venture after “Preface To Erase”, the highly successful album which has firmly put this four piece death/thrash metal band from New Delhi right in the center of the Metal Map of India. The EP is just a prequel to “Evilution Of A Manimal,” a full length concept album, expected to be released later this year. The songs, filled with rage, anger and hatred speaks about the evolution from man to manimal, an aggressive, mechanical creature which multiplies and feeds off the earth like a parasite, raping and destroying what comes in its path.

The 3 song EP is filled with nice, juicy hooks to sink your teeth into, and at the same time, contains all the right ingredients necessary for a brutal assault on your senses.

The album kickstarts with a drum roll and Manimal in on. At almost 4 mins, this song is the longest on the EP. Short, violent breakdowns with maniacal drumming sets the tone and gives you a taste of what is to come. Manimal leads into Evilution, a groove based song with crunchy riffs clocking in at 3.11 mins. The drumming sounds like a gear shifting 18-wheeler truck. Really heavy, and yet, very fluid. The last song on the EP is Existance Failed. Starting off with a parental advisory note, the song quickly proceeds to hammer your mind, distort your brain and cause you to feel like you’ve been hit in the stomach with a sledgehammer.

Overall, a real explosive treat for the listener. The album’s got great production, courtesy Anupam Roy (Grey And Saurian) and some pretty slick artwork, which is an abstract representation of the concept. 10 minutes of metal mayhem seems too short a time for such brutal madness but then again, it is an EP after all, which doubles up as a teaser for the album.

Last words? Just a warning: Not recommended for the weak at heart.