Album Reviews


  • Release date: 2016-09-30
  • Label: Fuzzorama & Century Media
  • Review by: Manaswi Gundi

Interesting album, this. Fans of Desert Rock, rejoice! Released two years after Universe, the fifth Truckfighters instalment is different in their own way. 7 songs but with no song shorter than 6 minutes, it is guaranteed to pleasure you for around under an hour. The album marks not only a movement away from the garage rock influences that Truckfighters have been associated with, but in Spinal Tap-esque fashion, a new drummer, El Danno. What intrigues me the most is that the band has incorporated so much of an atmospheric sound into the songs, that, despite its various chaotic rhythm sections, it makes the album one of the best to listen to to wind down after a long, stressful day.

The first song off the album is also the song that has been hitting the airwaves for quite a while now, Calm Before The Storm. A very smooth, easy intro and calm first few minutes takes you floating amongst the clouds and then launches into distortion and chaotic fuzz that you just don’t want to get out of. The bass is heavy and the guitars are well blended into brilliant drumming. Hawkshaw greets us with a thick bass and drumline, engulfed by tasty licks before suddenly taking a turn into the calm, but then almost immediately picking up the pace. The 1 is the heaviest and most intense track on this album and in contrast to the rest of the album, the cymbals are prominent, in true Truckfighters style. The riffs and tempo are heavy and fast and with guest drummer Peter Damin pounding away on the leather, the song is made perfect for the genre by fuzzy vocals as well. When one talks of timeless albums, TruckfightersGravity X has to be on the list. What Gehenna does is take us back to that classic. The Contract sounds like aa song that has been made for the radio waves, but is in no way a “sell-out”. Definitely the most prog sounding track on the album. Fiend is my favourite on this album. Odd riffing and off pace drumming, with eery vocals, this song encapsulates the talents of the band. It shows how felxible and how comfortable the lads are with varying their sound and making the best out of it. Storyline is calm and cool again, before getting vicious with the chorus. The album couldn’t have ended differently.

What we have here is an album, that still is heavy Stoner Rock in the essence and yet, sounds fresh. The vocals in this album are on point and pitch perfect. While the drumming is strong and lively, the fuzz and overdriven guitars and bass bring this album together. This album is not just about the riff though. The vibe, dude, the vibe. It’s all about the chilled out vibe. For best results, enjoy this tripping album with Mary Jane, and even better if she’s the big, fat type.