Album Reviews

Theorized – False Hope Of Tyranny (EP)

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

The Indian scene has spawned a number of thrash clones in the past few years, so it is refreshing to see the Bangalore boys from Theorized come up with a relatively fresher approach to the much played and played out genre in their EP ‘False Hope Of Tyranny’.

The EP starts off with a melodic twin guitar intro, with the bass not-so-silently making its presence felt in the background. It heartened me to see it not lost in the mix for once, as is often the case with most music. From the first note, the drums sound slightly overproduced, a rawer, less refined sound might have suited the thrash feel better.

The intro mutates flawlessly into the next song ‘Dark Incarnation’, where we get to hear the vocals for the first time. Though they’re pretty well done, one suspects they might sound a little weak live. But since I haven’t seen them live, no idea. This song gets your head banging, and the solo does not fail to send a slight shiver through your spine. As a thrash band, one does not expect them to experiment with melody to the extent with which they have, and it is good to see a band not trapped in the Slayer-Megadeth-Metallica-Anthrax mentality as far as songwriting is concerned. ‘Raise The Dead’ is another well paced song, with its appropriate share of hooks and juicy harmonizations, completed by a short solo.

Venomous Tormentia starts off with a few seconds of silence, which are undoubtedly the ‘calm before the storm’. The ‘in your face’ riffing starts almost immediately, and an epic harmony(kudos to the guitarists for this one) follows. ‘Blackout’, the last song on this EP, has a very interesting clean thing going on in the latter half in addition to the thrashy, slightly dissonant riffs(reminds one of Testament’s Into The Pit) in the first one. A slow but well written solo tops it off nicely, and one is left with a feeling of satisfaction at having heard a good, solid metal album, the slightly warm neck proving it to be headbang-worthy as well.

Overall, the songwriting is very guitar oriented(the production has taken care so that there are no hitches in the guitar sound, good work there), and the bass that has been so intelligently used in the intro needs to be used in the other songs a bit more. As I’ve stated before, the drums could’ve been a bit rawer had they not been programmed, for the difference in tone etc might be very noticeable live. But overall, a very good maiden effort by a band that shall hopefully garner positive attention for the Indian thrash and metal scene worldwide. Hoping to hear more from them soon.