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THE LEVIATHAN – In Darkness It Crawls

  • Release date: 2014-01-03
  • Label: Asgard Records
  • Review by: Madhav R


Not having heard a lot of new music in a while, I decided to check out the Manchester based death metal band The Leviathan’s debut release ‘In Darkness It Crawls,’ and going by first impressions, I am not in the least disappointed. Beginning with ‘Reign Of Fire,’ the album is a veritable slab of prime cut death metal. According to the band’s bio, the guitarist Jim Knights states that the band plays something that’s “atmospheric, a bit more soundscapey and we combine it with the brutality and technicality of death metal.” Truth be told, I didn’t really hear any of the atmospheric and soundscapey elements Jim talks about but I did hear and enjoy the death metal – straight up riff based pummeling metal. The musicians have fine chops as well, can’t deny them that. Rather than play mindless double bass and blast beats that seem to be the norm in modern day death metal, the drummer complements the guitarists well and adds a sense of groove (if I may use the word without a reference to Pantera and Lamb of God) and that is pretty much one of the defining sounds of The Leviathan.

Although at times, I must note that it feels like the music has been lifted off a lot of death metal I’ve heard in the past. Carcass comes to mind. Polish death metal band Vader as well (or have I just been listening to too much Carcass and Vader in the last few days?) That is not to take away anything from the music; the band finds themselves firmly on the ‘drawing influences’ side of things rather than ‘ripping off’ and that works fine for me. The music stays strong over the length of the album; the third track ‘Epoch’ and the title track both standing heads high above the rest. I will definitely come back to this album over the year.