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THE DEAD – Ritual Executions

  • Review by: Madhav R

The Dead aren’t human. No, quite the contrary. The Dead are vile creatures, remnants of an ancient race, unknown to man, who crept into the murky depths of the deepest oceans and stayed there for several thousand years until finally surfacing with an album that’s just as bloody and dirty as they are. Ritual Executions is the second full length album by the Australian 3 piece deathsquad, released by Mumbai based label Diabolical Conquest Records, and the album decidedly carries influences from their time spent underground; it’s dark, it’s sludgy and every riff oozes slime and blood.

I must say, it took me several listens to actually understand the music and many more to appreciate it. The first listen bored me to bits but successive spins drowned my mind in a pool of quicksand, dragging me down until to a long and drawn out death. The riffs reek of putrefaction (see what I did there!) and yet, hauntingly draws your attention until you’re completely beat down by the despair and anguish of the forgotten race. ‘Burn Your Dead,’ starts the album with a slow riff drilling into your head and as the album progresses to ‘Centurion,’ ‘Blood Angel’ and ‘Death Metal Suicide,’ the creatures that make up the band peel off the layers of their doomy exterior, revealing a faster, old school death metal cloak, yet maintaining the aura of a drug induced haze. The music is decidedly groovy too albeit in a very twisted way. Mike Yee, the vocalist sounds like the mudmonster and it’s his vocals that literally clutch you by the throat and asphyxiate you.

I repeat again, this is not easy music to listen to and is far from accessible for the general metal listening public but the ones who actually dig the hybrid mix of mind-numbing funeral doom and sludgy old school death metal should give this album a listen.