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SYRANIC – The Coriolis Delusion

  • Release date: 2015-12-30
  • Label: Indie
  • Review by: Manaswi Gundi

Lots of bands lose key members over a period of time due to various reasons. Some don’t like the direction the band is headed in, some just don’t have the time for it because they’re all “grown up”. In India, the biggest reason bands lose members is to is higher education in lands far away from home. For example, Inner Sanctum, whose guitarist Rajeev Ramesh (also ex-Inviktus) quit the band because he decided to enrol in a Masters in Mechanical Engineering programme in Aachen, a quaint university town near the German-Dutch-Belgian border. What has he been up to, apart from studying and doing mechy-techy stuff?

He plays guitars for a band called Syranic, a modern tech-prog/djent band that has released an album called The Coriolis Delusion about a month ago. Two vocalists operating in tandem with clean singing and shouts pack a punch into this album. At no point is the listener made to feel like the vocals are a little too over-bearing and displeasing. On the contrary, the balance between clean and screaming vocals is perfect. The guitars (three, yes, THREE of them!) sound pretty rad. The guitar tones on this album are something lots of guitarist strive for and the band delivers everything expected in terms of riffs in this genre. The bassline is extremely powerful, even though it could be mistaken to have been drowned under the guitars. Drumming on this album is extremely energetic and impressive and the whole mix is, simply put, phenomenal. I found absolutely no issues with the sound quality, whether it was played on my phone or blasted through my speakers.



Personally, I enjoyed Fallen King the most. I must say, I haven’t enjoyed a djent/tech band in a long long time, definitely not since Periphery’s Juggernaut. The album’s been on loop since we were informed of the release. This band is a definite win, and a must have on any of your prog-tech/djent playlists. Certainly pleasing for fans of Skyharbor, Tesseract and Periphery. You can find the album to stream for free, but we insist that you purchase the album here:

Syranic: The Coriolis Delusion