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Splattered Mermaids – Stench Of Flesh

  • Review by: AJ

The word that precedes Death Metal in the genre qualifies for a one-word description of this album – brutal. Yes, when you read or listen to the band’s name it is quite obvious that metal heads step back a bit. But, as you stress on the word Splattered rather than intensifying Mermaids, metalheads get your full-attention. I promise. If you think hard this band name is the most inappropriate one; let me enlighten your thought process.

What are mermaids? They are mythical creatures whom women idolise to be someday. On the other hand, men fancy one on their bed/wall/ceiling/floor. But, this mermaid here is dead. And, it is not just dead. It is brutally killed until dead. That is, it is dead in the most vulgar, most unfortunate and unimagined manner that it leaves nightmares. Precisely, that is how the music from this band is.

This album is overloaded with sounds that hit your head really hard and lyrics that shall tear you apart. But, I would like to add a description, perhaps, my personal feel as I listened to them. When one listens to a good death metal song one gets an instant feel of being hammered to death. Keep that thought in mind. Now, simultaneously imagine your toe or even your feet being scraped with a saw by a bunch of tipsy lunatics. Yes, that is what I felt when I listened to this brutal death metal band.Blast beats, grind core brutal and guttural vocals and groove-like guitar riffs collectively contribute to an ultra brutal music that shall definitely appeal to the niche audience of the genre.

However, I must point out that they haven’t done anything new here. Most brutal death metal bands manage to do so. But, these nut-jobs from Sweden have managed to do it with tad more confidence that you can feel their vengeance filled themes in their lyrics.  Instead of kicking off with a comparatively less brutal intro, this band means business by frankly jump-starting with a brutal first track.

Listening to this carnage album shall definitely be added as one of them cardinal sins. I just thought you should be warned.

Highlights of the album: Stench of Flesh, Instant Spastic Regurgitation, Restless Dreams of Atrocities