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Soundgeist – The Fine Line Between

  • Review by: AJ

Let me start my restating that this band is a progressive metal band. Readers who have read my reviews in the past few years would have noticed that I have mentioned time and again that this is one of the most hardest music genres. Continue reading..

Like most progressive metal bands tend to do, this band too has begun with incorporating oriental themes into their songs. The first track has quite a few oriental musical elements in it. Instantly, one begins to think that they have started on the right path. So, this record shall be satisfactory. But, it just isn’t.

The lead vocals is (and there is no better way to put this) a disaster. The limited vocal range hinders the enjoyment factor of the entire record. In addition, the vocal style too does not suit the musical style making it sound like Jesse McCartney singing Nickelback’s song ergo inappropriate.

Even the percussion seems dull. The drum bridges connecting the slightly varying beats seem inappropriate. Frankly, the entire orchestration seems inappropriate. But, that is subjected to change according to individual tastes.

There are a few portions that are quite commendable. The ups and downs in the heaviness of the music, the incorporation of jazz elements and some good guitar fuzz. The start off’s with soft music and ending heavily is good too. But, that is not even decently good as a progressive metal band. Speaking of psychedelic, yes, those oriental influences do render that image quite well.

The extended version of the first track seems inappropriate again. Or, I could use the word unnecessary. It is like releasing an uncut version of There will be Blood, the film.

This band is suffering because they have numerous ideas and are not ready or are unaware how to filter their thought process. Several new bands find it hard to cross that hurdle. That results in inappropriate orchestration. The melody is not quite created here as all instruments give either more than necessary or nothing at all. If this band manages to rest their thoughts or learn to distribute it properly and replace their singer, this band could do well in the future.

Highlights of the album: New Millennium Babylon, Divine Light