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Project Limit Zero – Limit Zero

  • Review by: Krishna Ravi

Limit Zero is the brainchild of Shreyas Skandan, a Bangalore based student by day and musician by night. Although the studio project was formed in late 2008, Shreyas covered no ground until Sachin Rajmohan joined in to provide vocals. The duo collaborated to produce a demo that fuses the djent riffing with progressive elements to provide an atmospheric touch. The self titled EP was released recently and it packs quite a punch.

The demo begins with a cosmic start to Approaching Infinity. I was surprised by djent sound that hit me soon after the spacey intro. What surprised me more, though, was the fact that I liked it. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the djent at all. While the rest of the metal population is lapping up bands like Meshuggah and Textures, they don’t feature on my favorites, and I may be vilified for that sentiment. Still, Limit Zero grew on me. Another surprise came in the form of clean vocals, and that gelled well on the first song. The second song Focus continues from where Approaching Infinity left off, and probably has the heaviest riffing of the demo. The clean vocals on Arcturus do not collate well with the growls but apart from that, the song is as solid as the rest of the demo. I did like how the song goes from heavy to clean to a coagulation of both towards the end.

The EP is a catchy piece of work and I’m looking forward to more from this guy. I’m sure that a lot of you will dig this, so go ahead and listen here (link: www.myspace.com/projectlimitzero)