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Nuclear Winter – Warborne Assault

  • Review by: Adarsh

A grade, face ripping certified 100% denim thrash from Bangladesh is here! Any band which uses (abuses) the words nuclear, warborne, assault, etc need not be exceptional, however Nuclear Winter set the bar pretty damn high for anyone in the vicinity. Never been too impressed with thrash from Asia, mostly because of them blending some other flavor in, could never take most of them seriously, save for of course Threinody (who recently came out of exile). Nuclear Winter bring in the fresh, most yearned for sound that all thrash fans salivate for.

A 5 song EP that is grippingly flawless, a never ending maze of delicious riffs, packaged and presented in old school sensibilities. Nuke ‘Em Back To The Stone Age, a grand title to kick off the EP with, a round peg in a round hole, a perfect blend of elements, lethality attained. Sacred Warfare is clearly my pick for best song, refreshingly thrashing, non derivative riffs a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended for anyone with a faint interest in metal from the 80’s, this of course reborn with better production, reborn with vengeance should I say? Absolute cracker, absolute thrasher, this one!

Brilliantly produced, brilliantly composed, absolute killer. Go buy the album, or better yet, watch them live (which I have not). Thrash is alive and kicking in the heart of Asia, mother fuckers!