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MULTICHAOS – Fear Consumption

  • Review by: Madhav R

Fear Consumption is the debut concept album by Multichaos, the brainchild of Canadian guitarist and Focus On Metal podcast co-host Dario Sycco (Psycho?). This release is like a melting pot of so many genres and so many influences, all bundled into one package. While the music may not be the most original out there, it certainly holds loads of promise.

Post the intro ‘Genesis Of Our Culmination,’ the album wastes no time with preliminaries and proceeds into the title track, ‘Fear Consumption.’ The music is fast with heavy riffing and carries a lot of similarities to early death metal bands like Vader and Autopsy. The vocals are powerful and guttural, expressing the essential taste of the music. As the album progresses into tracks such as ‘Feeding Frenzy’ and ‘Face Of The Phobia’, the music continues in the OSDM vein but seems to gain a doomy exterior and a hint of psychedelia too, if I may call it that. The acoustic bits and clean vocals remind me of Pink Floyd towards the end of Syd Barrett’s days; very dark, atmospheric stuff and quavering vocals over it all, which fits the concept of the schizophrenic individual who lives inside his fears. The alternating heavy and progressive parts with hauntingly beautiful female vocals express both sides of the protagonist and as the album comes to a close, all that can be heard is the violent clash between the two sides of the schizophrenic leading up to an explosive end.

Being a home production, the guitars sound very raw and old school and there seems to be a severe mastering error, because very often, the clean guitar parts sound much louder than the distorted bits. The vocals vary in volume and intensity as well over the length of the album. Musically, the biggest shortcoming was that I couldn’t quite ‘hear’ Multichaos.’ I could hear Opeth, I could hear Vader, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Death etc but the Multichaos sound seems to be lost in the deeply rooted concept and influences. There seems to be no doubt about the abundance in talent that Sycco possesses and the album is very promising, some of the riffs sounding very exquisite and unique but overall, there is some rehashing that has to be done.

Fans of old school death metal looking for a little more experimentation in the music can listen to this title. I will, as usual be looking forward to their next release.