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Mortar – Ground Zero

  • Review by: Adarsh

It’s been a hell of a long time since a good thrash band surfaced the Indian soil. The last  shreds of it was wiped out when the mighty Brute Force disappeared from the scene. Until now. Mortar are a 4 piece thrashing cruel force from Kolkota who have been unexpectedly impressive since their first online appearance. These young dudes have put in a lot of commendable effort into their debut EP Ground Zero.

The CD begins with Napalm Messiah, a very catchy song title and an apt beginning to a hammering thrash attack. Firmly rooted in 80’s thrash and quite well produced at that. I personally am quite fond of the vocals though it does get a little too shrill at times. But it’s the guitars that truly become the prime focus. A special hat tip to Samrat Daas for the blistering leads and the hate fueled riffs. The Human Plague is a run of the mill mosh anthem, every thrash fan’s favorite worst nightmare. Ground Reality is the first song they released online and it seems well settled with the listeners by now. The kind of song you would wanna watch live, the kind of song that can demonstrate tightness. The CD culminates with a cover of Hell Bent for Leather by the metal gods Judas Priest. This one stands out specially from the rest as it has Mortar’s thrash flavored seasoning. Absolutely excellent, love the motorcycle roar in the intro and an unexpected yet satisfying end to the song. Again a great job with the leads.

The EP is a breath of fresh air, especially for someone who’s been waiting for a half decent thrash band to emerge. And well produced too, although I would have liked the bass to be produced a little better than it is. Good job by Jeff Fischer nonetheless. I hope to see more of these Kolkota boys and I hope they’ve started something that would lead to more thrashers in the future.