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Megadeth – Endgame

  • Review by: Vilasini Muralidhar

The blonde ego and his army are back with an album this year, and it’s called ‘Endgame’. There’s been a decent amount of hype created about the release, with the tracks being previewed in advance, and ‘the-making-of’ videos being posted prior to the release. And the verdict? Here goes…

Let me first clarify that no comparisons will be made to any of Megadeth’s earlier work. That’s the music we grew up on, and has achieved a cult status today, and talking about how this music doesn’t match up to that is something I will not do. Also, when rival bands like Metallica are working hard on re-attaining their former glory, Megadeth is looking more at moving ahead and doing something new with every coming release. Though they aren’t moving ahead in giant leaps, Mustaine and his crew are inching forward bit by bit, though heavily weighed down by the trademark Megadeth sound that we know oh-so-well.

“Dialectic Chaos” serves as the curtain raiser for the album- the two and a half minute shredding instrumental. The moment you play the CD, you’re overcome with the ‘Nothing can get better than this’ feeling, and the rest of the music only further supports it. And then the riffing and the anger begins, and goes on till the final track. With subjects like recession and George Bush, what else can you expect!

“This day we fight” and “1,320” are the faster ones in the collection, and guitars shine through in the manifold solos. “44 Minutes” is a melodic piece, with screeching guitar interjections, and one of my personal favourites. It follows the Megadeth formula, but still shines through all its four and a half minutes. Mustaine’s vengeance towards Bush comes out in “Bite the hand”. (We’re not talking cannibalism, but metaphorical aggression here). “Bodies” isn’t a bad attempt but could do with a better title. And speaking of titles, “Endgame” disappoints initially, but picks up towards the latter half.

Then comes the shocker. Acoustic guitars with Dave’s coarse vocals is what you hear on “The hardest part of letting go… sealed with a kiss”. There’s no question about the musicianship, but his whole attempt at serenading is a little hard to digest. “How the story ends” and “Headcrusher” are commanding in their own way. The most headbangable in the album, both songs bear the Megadeth imprint from start to finish.

With this release, Megadeth only proves, once again, that it is nowhere close to the end of the game for them. They may not be coming out with music that’s high on experimentation, but are still moving from strength to strength, especially with the guitar-chemistry reaching its peak here. Angry as hell, ‘Endgame’ qualifies as one of the best releases of this year (apart from being one of the most awaited albums as well). Mastodon and Nile fans may disagree, but for fans of old school thrash metal, Megadeth delivers yet again, and reminds the metal fraternity around the world that they’re still atop the big four, and will be there forever. Amen.