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Mcgalligog – Delusions of Madness (2010)

  • Review by: Adarsh

McGalligog are an Irish metal band who are relatively new in the scene and have released their debut EP Delusions of Madness. Havin heard that the band claims to have power, thrash, and black metal influences, I started listening with a handful of optimism.

The album begins with Earthbound Doom, the track reminds you of Dragonforce almost instantly, the melodies, the drumming, everything. The lead guitar too following along the same lines, the song is over even before you know it, leaving you wondering what just happened. Another fast one is quite a bit different, where a definite thrash metal influence is seen and the lead guitar decides to improve drastically job well done. The vocals however remain as screechy as ever and sometimes don’t fit with the riffs at all. The third track Warlords makes you believe the band is expirementing with their sound a lot, in the same album itself. A clean intro and guitar riffs that sound like a typical Finnish band do the trick. But the song is very well done, catchy and feely at the same time. A clean interlude seems like a breath of fresh air, but the way the song progresses afterward could’ve been improvised on, includes the solo towards the end. The transition from one song to the next is practically non existent, it looks like a bunch of songs composed over time put together, the self titled track McGalligog is quite an average track again, with the thrash influence creeping up again. The soloing is commendable yet again, but just about what the entire song has to offer. Its followed by Jewel of a 1000 Worlds, yet another mediocre song, with no memorable riffs whatsoever. The song stretches to about six minutes, with the guitar solo over done at points, post the clean interlude again. The last track Lunacy draws influence from melodic death, or so it seems. Its quite symphonic with catchy folk melodies and easily qualifies as the best track of the album.

Overall, the band sounds very “Finnish”, and given how power metal they wanna sound, they don’t sound like Children of Bodom at all, despite the screechy vocals, which in fact is a very good thing. On the whole they do have folk, power and melodic death elements in their tracks but what happens is it varies from song to song on the same album making them seem very expiremental.The self claimed black metal influence is limited to just the vocals, and yes definitely does justice to the band’s sound. And the attempt to incorporate all these elements has been quite unsuccessful, which makes the album very mediocre, but not completely disappointing. Worth a listen or two, some good melodies and harmonies there, ones that cater to the ears of a folk or a melodic death listener for sure.

Rating 2/5