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Lazarus AD – The Onslaught

  • Review by: AJ

After listening to metal after a long period, one gets tempted to find some new bands to update their iPod. Then, one mostly tends to get disappointed as the mindset refuses to discharge the old classic metal songs. Moreover, comparisons begin with harsh criticism over current metal bands.

Now, when a film is released that is directed by say, Ridley Scott, it is undoubtedly watched by any movie buff, isn’t it? Why is it so? Well, it is mainly because of the banner with the name Ridley Scott. Since he has won awards and given us great movies in the past, people blindly go to watch his movies. The same goes with Metal Blade Records.

Metal Blade Records has never disappointed metalheads as they constantly showcase new talent that turn out to be simply fantastic. Now, most genuine metal bands come from either side of the Atlantic. This record label mainly focuses on bringing up the metal bands from America. So, if my analogy is right, this band should blow us away. Read on.

This is a new band and is on a learning curve. To be honest, most established bands too are learning and experimenting. I point this factor, as there are a few things that can be forgiven. The first striking feature that attracted me towards the band is the rather simple cover for the album. I expected it to be bloody, dark with stretched fonts. But, this turned out to be the opposite. That is good as it gives me the impression that the band intends to be different. Even their name had the “A.D.” added only to mark themselves different from other bands that are known to share the same band name.

When anyone says, thrash metal to me, the genre table in my head spotlights Slayer, Testament and Anthrax (to name a few). These bands were the pioneers of the genre. Frankly, I am one of those people who prefer to stick to the roots. Still, I handle experimentation quite well. For all those metalheads who are looking for old-school thrash metal bands, here is a quartet band that shall quench your thirst – Lazarus A.D. This can be a saviour for true thrash metal lovers since neo-thrash metal bands are/have been disastrous post their debut release.

Having written all this, let me also alert you all that there is nothing new in this album. Since, “most” of the musical elements are very old school and some guitar solos similar to Iron Maiden, you will not be happy for long. I mean, sure, you’ll be happy that there is a band that still plays old-school metal. But, the monotonous factor shall become evident after a few listens.

Beware; this is a re-release after been re-mastered by James Murphy (Death and Testament fame). Thus, there are distinct differences between the two albums. Undoubtedly, this is a great restart for a new band’s career.

The fusion between ‘80’s metal and modern metal elements such as guitar solos, duel vocals, high attitude lyrics and vocal style delivered with endless energy shall provoke anyone to own this album. It is old yet refreshing.

Highlights of the album: Last Breath, Thou Shall Not Fear, Revolution, Who I Really Am.