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Joint Family – Hot Box

  • Review by: admin

Joint Family is the chosen moniker for the nu-metal/ hardcore fivesome from Delhi. JF, as they are affectionately called are nothing but a bunch of eccentric guys who like ripping apart venues when they aren’t too busy with college, jobs and other such obscenities that society imposes upon us! A perfect cauldron of down tuned guitars, blistering drums, angry vocals, maggots, tattoos and Converse is what JF stand for. Black Metal they are not! Their album ‘Hot Box’ is indeed an example of this nu-age eccentricity that bases itself on an infectious groove which is both malevolent as is addictive. The CD has 9 tracks and each of them represent the typical JF sound.

The album opener is the now famous ‘Drummer’s Advice’ that is lovingly dedicated to their drummer Shardul and is a song about err…all the ‘non-green’ advices that he imparted! This song has one of the catchiest riffs/chorus among all Indian metal artists and proudly exemplifies the JF sound. This is a song that also screams MOSSSSSSSHHHH!

‘Random Thoughts of a Conflicted Mind’ is a song that is about a series of “unconnected thoughts” and speaks in volumes about the hypocrisy of our ever loving society of course in the family ishtyle! The song features some fantastic drumming and well written lyrics.

‘Change’ is a song which is aptly titled since it does bring an alteration in the CD. This is a song where the band shows it’s spaced out mellower side with Rohan from Cyanide lending his vocals. This is a song that starts out with a very trance like ambience with the guitars, bass and drums creating a mélange of beautifully structured patterns and then ‘Change’ changes back to snarling guitars and powerful drumming with Akshay coming back with his angst vocals.

‘Fight Back’ is a song that is about domestic violence as reads the liner notes and staccato riffs are coupled with angry vocals and makes it yet another mosh happy song!

‘Life’s a Bitch’ is perhaps one song that almost everyone around us can connect to. It’s a song about how much you get screwed around by everyone around you. The opening riffs of the song builds up the suspense while Akshay’s vocals rip through everything. Clarence showcases pretty interesting bass lines in this song.

‘Anthem Y’ is a personal favorite that has an amazing riff going throughout the song and Shardul’s fantastic drumming only compliments them. Guitarists Rahul Sainani and Rohit Amwan show their riffing capabilities and yes the chorus that goes “You are the problem/ I am solution” is simply kickass!

‘Juggernaut’ is again a JF masterpiece that starts off with a lot added samples and has fantastic chorus and verse lines. The album closes with a reprise of ‘Change’ which I believe is a perfect way to end such an adrenaline pumping album.

The additional goodies include some great artwork from Visual Amnesia and give the CD the contemporary completeness it so very demands. Well, what are you waiting for? Join the ‘Family’ now!

– Kabya Ghosh