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Inner Sanctum – Provenance EP

  • Review by: Vilasini Muralidhar

There may be just four songs on the CD, but that’s not stopping it from creating an overwhelming buzz in the scene. Easily one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Inner Sanctum’s EP ‘Provenance’ was finally released on the 20th of September 2009. And the best part is, the EP has met, if not far exceeded general expectations.

We’ve seen them as the killer live band for two years now, but we never had anything to go back to but the hum in our heads after a show ended. The lack of a decent recording has just been made up for, completely, (at least for the time being) with ‘Provenance’. Four songs of nothing but heavy fucking metal is what Bangalore based technical thrash/ death metal band has to offer us. The production quality too is pretty much amazing, raising the standards for all coming independent releases.

The first single “Quarantine” which was previewed on their MySpace site, gives the CD one hell of a head start, introducing some extremely headbangable riffs with killer drumming. Initially, the vocals sound a little different when compared to how they are when live, but are commendable nevertheless. “Human Disregard” is fast, with a good groove. An anthem for the pissed-off metal army, it ends with a feeling that they’re charging at you to punch you in the face. And then, the sinister-sounding lead guitar goes off into its own little trip in “Eye of False”- an intense song with an inconclusive conclusion. “Agent of Chaos” is the ribbon atop the gift-box, wrapping up ‘Provenance’ perfectly, but leaving you with the feeling of “Is that all?” (In a good way, that is).

But it’s an EP, so you can’t really expect more than these four songs. The band however, sure has a hell of a lot of expectations to live up to for their next album! The artwork is noteworthy, giving Inner Sanctum the right kind of ‘image’ that they require. Thankfully, you don’t hear echoes of other bands in their songs, making them score high on the originality component as well. All said and done, ‘Provenance’ is nothing short of a 10/10, and you absolutely MUST go and get yourself a copy soon. No excuses.