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IIIrd Sovereign – Destined To Suffer(2007)

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

IIIrd Sovereign – Destined To Suffer(2007)
Total tracks – 9

Time – 26 minutes

IIIrd sovereign are a Delhi based(though originally from Aizawl) death metal outfit with Vedant on vocals, Benjamin on guitar, Vicky on bass and Reuben on drums. They play what most of us refer to as “old school” death metal. I hadn’t heard it for quite some time, so I eagerly gave this band a listen. The track by track review follows, thought it is eventually rendered somewhat futile.

1. Pathetic Ignorance – Starts of with the bass. Best thing for a death metal band with a bit of an old school sound, in my opinion. A very cool solo towards the end, somehow sounded like nothing I’d heard before…sort of an eastern scale, but approached very differently.

2. Necrophobia – Very catchy riffs to start with…again the old school sound hammering it’s way into your head. The drumming makes it’s presence felt here…parts where the double bass goes insane, while never straying out of time…killer execution. Though the drum sound isn’t as clear as one would want it to be. And bass seems to be conspicuously absent.

3. Destined To Suffer – Again a standard death metal track, decent enough. But somehow boredom creeps in at this point. Good old school stuff, but people have already done this…where’s the X factor? Blast beats, tremolo picked riffs, they have it all. But something seems to be missing.

4. Dying Sun – This is more of a deathcore-esque song than death metal proper, breakdowns et al. Okish, not a huge fan.

5. Gathering Of Lies – Nothing new, nothing special. Almost tedious.

6. Life Of Mortal – This song faintly reminds you of Nile. Nice riffs etc..but the solos seem to have dried out after the first song.

7. Victimized – Pretty much like most other songs, not much to be offered in terms of diversity.

8. Suicidal Corpse – LOL at the title. Though that’s all..nothing new to it.

9. Funeral Rites – Again the same formula repeated all over again. And thus it ends.

To summarise this, IIIrd sovereign is a good band. They’re tight, they know how to, say, get the crowd going live, especially the drumming which is tight and heavy as hell. But they still sound sort of incomplete, especially in the leads department. Chugging rhythms are fine, but without any sort of solos/harmonizations or a million other things that are possible with two guitarists instead of one are conspicuously absent. Which essentially means that there’s nothing very exciting about their music. Good, tight old school stuff, but it’s already been done thoroughly by bands like Obituary, Possessed, Cannibal Corpse etc.

What they really need to do is find their own sound..and I’m sure considering the talented musicians they are(Reuben especially has been a monster on the drums) they should be able to do that in their next album. Not to mention that the drums are somewhat muffled, and the overall production could’ve been better. And, though it’s not a part of the music as such, the album art isn’t exactly a masterpiece either.

So if you’re into all the old school floridian death metal with thrash influences, do check them out and give them a listen. Not a great album, but a decent album nevertheless. 7 on 10.