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Guilt Machine – On this perfect day (2009)

  • Review by: AJ

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Mascot Records
Country of Origin: The Netherlands
Band Formation: 2009

Band Members:

Lori Linstruth – lead guitar
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Maitland – drums
Jasper Steverlinck – vocals

Song list:

  1. Twisted Coil
  2. Leland Street
  3. Green And Cream
  4. Season Of Denial
  5. Over
  6. Perfection?

Run time: 56 minutes (approximately)

Review: Before you begin reading about their music, you ought to take another look at the band member’s list. Done? Okay, the names you’ve just read are one of the most respected instrumentalists in the progressive genre of music. While Lucassen has been a member in many bands such as Ayreon, Star One, Stream of Passion, Maitland is an ex-Porcupine Tree member who is handling the drums here. Steverlinck is a well-known member of a Belgian band called Arid, while Linstruth is an ex-Warbride and ex-Stream of Passion member. Now, if this line-up hasn’t impressed you enough, instead of jumping out of your chair and diving right into buying the album, you can read the review.

This album, as is the USP of Lucassen, is a rare breed of progressive concept albums.  This is a perfect blend of progressive rock, pop-rock and just enough metal to add some grunt. Great progressions, complex labyrinth like harmonies which keeps repeating, but you will not be complaining of it as you will be humming along and understanding the depth behind the theme. The myriad of spoken messages combined with the extremely well-done drumming takes the listener in an introspective journey. The remotely fantasy theme based lyrics tend to explore emotions and personalities, which makes the record quite cerebral.

One of the best features in this album is the vocal talent. Steverlinck’s vocal range is wide and he can handle the emotional chords very well. It is his vocals that add the post-rock effect to the music.

The only nit-picking I can make is that the band could induce some more complications in their progressive music, which they have not. Precise, tight guitar solos tend to leave a haunting feel.

Overall, this is a brilliant album that is going to impress progressive rock/metal fans.

Highlights of the album: Twisted coil, Green and Cream, Season of Denial, Perfection?


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Ratings: 8.5/10

Originality: 8.5

Instrumentation: 8.5

Lyrics: 8