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Fractalline – Infinite Entropy EP

  • Review by: Krishna Ravi

Fractalline [frac-tl-ahyn] – noun – A four-piece death metal band from Los Angeles that is heavy as fuck.

Fractalline is what you get when you take two of the biggest names in Indian metal, and you add to that an American vocalist with a military background and a drummer from Mexico. All students of Musicians Institute, the band has Jordan Nalley on vocals, Kp on guitars, Sandesh Nagaraj playing bass and Ray Rojo on drums. If you don’t recognize the names Kp and Sandy, I’m probably on the wrong website. Gone are the days when bands like MyndSnare and Extinct Reflections tore shit up, but now you can put Fractalline’s Infinite Entropy EP on your music player and prepare for chaos.

Alternate Prey is a great start to the EP – in a matter of seconds you get most what Fractalline is all about – fast, crushing riffs, monstrous vocals, melodic bass lines and tight drumming. This song will come at you from all corners and blow you away. It also epitomizes the album’s smooth structure of patterns and layers. The Circle slows things down just a little; the intro gives me a feel of Bolt Thrower’s chugging riffs. On this song is my favorite chorus – Jordan shows that he can pull off screeches as well as he can growl. Midway through the song is the first hint of the 8-string’s added potence, when the band puts in a breakdown of sorts and you can hear the Meshuggah-esque sound. Over The Gap is a good song to put right in the middle of the EP – it starts off in the same vein as the previous songs but has an interesting little passage halfway through that I always enjoy listening to. There’s more 8-string madness on Cloud Of Static. One of Kp’s goals has always been to write music that gets people to headbang their brains out, and he has done just that on this EP. Rounding things up is Suppressing Reality / Infinite Entropy, offering a solid close with some traditional metal badassery.

Not only does this album sound great on speakers, the band is able to translate it on the live stage as well. If you’re a metalhead in India, you probably caught this band on their recent Indianfestation tour. I’m positive you’ll agree with me when I say that this band destroys venues. Jordan is a manic beast on vocals and the rest of the band keeps up with ease. Kp puts in some great songwriting on this one, and if he’s ever stuck in the process, he has a musical genius in Sandy for help. And see what Ray did for his sophomore jury at MI.

Fractalline is four talented individuals who have gelled together to make strong music that should not be overlooked. Listen here, or else.