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FEED THE RHINO – The Sorrow And The Sound

  • Release date: 2014-06-16
  • Label: Siege Of Amida Records/Century Media Records
  • Review by: Anand Bhaskar

Grab your seats, hold on to your beer mugs and raise your horns, because it’s time to Feed The Rhino! I’ve been a great fan of FTR since I heard their first album ‘Mr. Red Eye’ and then their sophomore outing ‘The Burning Sons’. Needless to say, I was blown away by their overdriven guitar tones and single pedal grooves. Each and every song put out by this band has been heavy as fuck and a pleasure for the ears and the mind! Therefore, it was only natural that I was waiting like a farmer waiting for rains, for their third outing ‘The Sorrow and The Sound’.

This may be a Johnny-come-lately as an album review, since FTR released ‘TSATS’ in June, but it IS an album worth reviewing. This is a band that DESERVES to be heard more and seen live at all significant hard rock/metal venues. Feed The Rhino’s sound is very difficult to categorize because even though they’re heavy as any other hardcore band out there, their guitar tones are milder, overdriven and crunchy (reminiscent of Deftones and early Soundgarden), with unclean vocals dominating most of the length of their albums, and TSATS is no exception. The album is characterized by all of the aforementioned attributes, splendid groove-making by drummer Chris Kybert and some really noteworthy vocals by Lee Tobin. James Colley (Vocals & Guitar), Sam Colley (Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Oz Craggs (Bass) make up one of the most powerful rhythm sections I’ve ever heard in a band’s music. Tobin, as most of the band’s music may suggest, is not just an unclean singer. This album is also a showcase of his wide vocal range in clean vocals and a throw that’s good enough to rival some of the best rock/metal singers out there.

The album begins with the aptly titled ‘New Wave’ and gives way to the lead single of the album titled ‘Give Up’ which is a groovy track that features a melodic chorus sung in clean vocals. Other notable tracks from the album are ‘Black Horse’ that showcases Tobin’s vocal prowess in terms of range and power, ‘Finish The Game’, ‘Revelation Not Revolution’, ‘Deny and Offend’. ‘Keep Your Purpose Hitman’ and the title track ‘The Sorrow And The Sound’. The band has, once again, proved themselves in terms of musicality and mature songwriting, keeping their original soundscape intact and yet not confining themselves to the restrictions of what they’ve put out in the past, thus preventing the songs from sounding templatized. As a matter of fact, ‘TSATS’ sounds sonically fuller when compared to the stripped down sound of ‘Mr. Red Eye’ and ‘The Burning Sons’. This is definitely an album worth purchasing and hopefully will help them transcend newer boundaries.

‘TSATS’ is a definite treat for fans of bands like Deftones, Cancer Bats, Rage Against The Machine, Dead Harts, Mudvayne etc.

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Rating: 8/10