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Ellipsis – The Grace Decapitated

  • Review by: AJ
I will not be surprised if this album, and this band is less known. But, I will be shocked if it stays unknown post this album. In short, you better give this album a listen.

I’ve only been fortunate to listen to one of their albums in the past. Immediately, I detected potential. They did not fail to impress right from the first to the last track. So, yes, I expected a lot while I took this album from the store.

After listening to this album, I just had to check out their archive. I was impressed to notice the steadiness in delivering something new and different all the time. While their earlier albums were tad darker, doom, this one is quicker, powerful and black. So, I shall call it, progressive dark power metal. Good riffs, great progressions, complex changes, and significant breaks all dissolving to make nice melodies. New and different?! Sadly, no.

A dash of psycho metal can be heard in a few songs which makes it all the cruder. There is a hint of catchiness in most songs as well. While I like the progressive elements, the lack of anything exceptional in terms of tune makes me sit back and think.

The production is spot on as it delivers the creative stature of the musicians and the singer very well.

It is sad how poor marketing can push such promising bands to the back burner. If this album was accessible to more, this would undoubtedly be one of the talked about metal bands in the dark progressive genre. And, something more original would help it score more and more respectable.

Highlights of the album: Spectral & Terrified, Beat My flesh, Blood And Wine, Absynthe Theories

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