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Dying Embrace – Grotesque

  • Review by: Adarsh Rajagopal

If there were epic riffs written back in the day Indian metal was thought to be but a fetus, it had to be Jimmy Palkhivala. If there had to be unmatched growls of various sorts, a relentless savage butchery in the form of doom, it had to be Vikram Bhat and Jimmy Palkhivala. It had to be Dying Embrace. A band older than the scene itself, drawing influences from the likes of Sabbath and Candlemass, to make in-your-face doom metal, and several years later resurrect themselves, to doom the fans once again!

Grotesque is a re release of Dying Embrace’s release from the yester years, a 3 song EP to commemorate their grand return to the scene, a free give away at their 2nd gig which was Trendslaughter Fest held in Bangalore this March. The EP consists of 3 songs, each a trip of it’s own. Traditional epic doom riffs, that sound like no other phenomenon you’ve heard before. Unrelenting vocals courtesy Vikram Bhat that are truly unmatched. The Passing Away is truly spine chilling, the exceptional guitar tone coupled with the screams make it so. Grotesque Entity begins with a clean guitar and proceeds to remind you of some true old school doom, one that never be replaced. The third track, Oremus Diabolum, is my pick for the best track, completely evil down to the core. An epic which is a must to be witnessed live. The 3 track EP draws to an end only to make the listener hit “rewind” and go through this insanity again.

The EP, as a re release is a reminder that these guys aren’t just back to doom you but that they remain unscathed and are just as good as they were years ago, something that can only be witnessed live. A great job by bringing this out and giving the fans a taste of what was back then. And a statement of grand return to the scene, which means a lot more gigs and a lot more doom!