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Dormant Inferno – In Sanity

  • Review by: Adarsh

Dormant Inferno is a Death / Doom Metal band from Mumbai, a place known for it’s death and thrash and metalcore bands of increasing popularities, stands out a band that plays good old captivating doom metal. Dormant Inferno hopes at exposing the Metalheads in Mumbai to Doom Metal, a beautiful yet ignored genre of Metal. Influenced by My Dying Bride, Desire, Skepticism, Solitude Aeturnus, Novembers Doom, Remembrance, Aeons of Sorrow, Morgion, Officium Triste, Thergothon etc, these guys have definitely attained the sound sought after many a doom metal fan and have managed to put out a 3 song EP to cement their position in the metal scene.

The EP consists of 3 songs – Failed Expirements, Ashes and Total Negation. Each song complete with memorable riffs, and nothing short of the epic doom feel you’d get from any other band. Spine chilling screeches accompanied by low tempo breakdowns add to the over all intent of giving the listener the assurance that he’s being doomed, perpetually. The acoustic riffs and the eerie melodies, dark and inexplicable in their own eccentricity. The vocalist too, does a brilliant job with his modulation.

As previously mentioned, the EP does it’s job setting the band in their respective and well deserved position as one of the flag bearers of doom in India. I certainly hope more such bands grace the scene and give the Indian crowd a taste of this severely unexplored genre. This is one EP everyone should definitely get, and as it is up for free download, it is not that hard to. A truly commendable effort by a bunch of intelligent musicians, who I hope have a lot more to offer in the near future.