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Divine Heresy – Bringer Of Plagues

  • Review by: Suhail Dhawan

Divine heresy is a divine concoction of metal’s virtuosos in one troop of absolute obliteration. From fear factory to vital remains to all that remains and even nile, the band has been linked with a multitude of diverse acts and produces a monster truck of an album. This is the metal version of a fantasy team.

If bleed the fifth wasn’t enough to shatter the boundary and instill a new vigor into the souls of the fans, bringer of plagues, an otherwise trite name is a manifesto of mayhem. To stick my neck out, this work probably supersedes Dino’s brutality on Demanufacture.  Playing a very unique brand of industrial thrash, the four man kill crew with a slight line up change (vocals being taken over by ‘The bereaved’ lead, Travis Neal) it seems that the on-stage altercation only makes a more effective strike force in the unit.

‘Facebreaker’ is an album opener of ‘stengah’-esque proportions. The tracks get progressively harder with ‘battle of j. casey’, ‘undivine prophecies’ and the title track. The album, in my view, peaks at ‘anarchaos’, which as a neologism does wonders for the word geeks hearing the record.

In this first part of the album, Joe Payne (ex-nile) has menacing bass lines and Tim Yeung complements a tight as hell rhythm section. The vocals are done with uncanny precision and create a majestic groove, distinguishing it from Tommy Cummings’ work on the previous album.

The second half has an eerie trend of mellow intros that build the track up with a ghoulish zest. The groove is maintained and the caustic channel on continuous pummeling pervades. ‘Letter to mother’ is a brilliant composition and the last songs bring in a meticulously carved closure to what is a behemoth of an album.

With frequent live performances and comparative stability in the line-up Divine Heresy has been an explosive group since its origin in 2002. Now, with Dino’s slander at Christian (oldewolbers) being backed by a historic release, one can only pray for Arkaea in their battle against Fear Factory.

Rating: 4/5