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Devoid – The Invasion

  • Review by: Vilasini Muralidhar

The first sign of a good album is when you realize you’ve been listening to it on loop since the time you laid your hands on it, and of course, if the riffs have been memorized in just about two days. That’s exactly what I feel about the latest Devoid EP- ‘The Invasion’. Forget the genre wars and leave behind unpredictable timings. It’s time for a pure thrash invasion by the Mumbai based outfit.

‘The Invasion’ is a concept EP that chronicles the story of an extra-terrestrial invasion on earth, with each track unfolding the story bit by bit. It all begins with a theatrical guitar piece in “Prelude” which leads into the title track “The Invasion”. Mind-blowingly heavy, it prepares the listener for what is lined up in the following minutes. The drumming is exceptional, and that’s one of the first things I personally noticed in the album. The guitars take over the spotlight three minutes into the song, bringing in a strong melodic element. “Pandemonium is now” brings back the signature Devoid sound that we all loved in ‘A God’s Lie’. The track narrates that part of the story where the world wakes up to its funeral, and chaos ensues. The pandemonium comes through in this thoroughly headbangable track with the solo contributing parallelly to the lyrics to bring out the tale. “Brahma Weapon” is an adrenalin rush that lasts for roughly about four minutes. If the album doesn’t hit you initially, this track will take care of that! The EP wraps itself up with “The Grand Design”- a pretty grand conclusion to the speed and the intensive heaviness that is characteristic of ‘The Invasion’.

Devoid new lineup

India has very few thrash bands to boast of, and Devoid is one of them. Though their sound has changed a little from their previous album, they thankfully have stuck to their overall trademark thrash identity. When I heard the band had changed its lineup, I was a little skeptical of what to expect from their new release. However, ‘The Invasion’ doesn’t disappoint. But ‘A God’s Lie’ will always remain one of the best Indian metal releases in the last decade, and it’s going to take a lot more from Devoid themselves to beat that! Musically, the band excels, but production could have been a little better. The album would have had more of a punch with some minor tweaks in the way it sounds, and not the songs themselves. Artwork by Gaurav Basu, A.K.A Acid Toad is another commendable feature in the album. This artist is definitely taking Indian metal cover art to a whole new level!

On the whole, Devoid gives 2013 a good start with ‘The Invasion’. Definitely recommended by Headbangers India!

Rating: 4/ 5