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Devoid – A God’s Lie

  • Review by: Ananth Bevinahally

A dearth of quality thrash metal bands in India had led me to be apprehensive about  A God’s Lie. I was duly impressed by a well woven work in a relatively virgin territory that has yielded what is undisputably India’s finest thrash metal work yet.

An acoustic, sample filled intro, A Silent Day, provides a good platform to begin the riff heavy thrash attack. Battle Cry is a song remenscient of the the 80s Teutonic Thrash Metal Scene, albeit In a good way. In a riff oriented sub-genre such as thrash, I prefer the drums to play second fiddle to the guitar while still maintaining a strong and integral presence in the mix. Drummer Shubham Kumar achieves this and significantly outweighs my expectations.

It is mildly distressing hearing over-produced, sterile extreme metal. Uber clean production is the antithesis of the youthful thrash spirit. My point with this, is that Devoid has the right production, thoroughly befitting a thrash metal album. A lot of thrash metal has the dubious distinction of having terribly underqualifed vocalists. While some may argue that this might be the appeal of thrash metal, I disagree. Hence, I’m more than glad that Arun Iyer accomplishes his task with good throaty growls.

All in all, A God’s Lie has some really good moments and sustains one’s interest. I am ambivalent towards the lyrics as, though it might have some real spirit (and a genuine cathartic release of frustration/anger?) it is nothing new or different. Whenever I think of a thrash metal classic, I always remember that riff. Unfortunately, I don’t connect with a particularly memorable riff, despite the overall guitar work being impressive. I foresee greater things for this band.

Final Verdict – 8/10