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DETHKLOK – Dethalbum II

  • Review by: Madhav R

How often does a virtual death metal band release an album that debuts as the highest charted death metal album in the history of the Billboard Top 200, and then release a sequel to the album that beats that too!? Dethklok did that just that with ‘The Dethalbum II’. Read on for our views..

Dethklok’ a 5 piece death metal band that forms the 7th largest economy in the world. With a host of crazed fans that would readily give their lives for the band, Dethklok probably would be called the ‘Heavy Metal Taliban’ if they existed in real life. Fortunately for us, they exist only in the fictional world of Metalocalypse. Unfortunately for us, we miss out on watching Nathan Explosion, William Murderface and the rest of this brutal act spew out murderous albums and brutal gigs, laying waste to cities and obliterating venues as they pass.

The Dethalbum II is suitably named. A sequel to The Dethalbum I ensures that the music is heavier, faster and packs a stronger punch than its predecessor. Each track on this album is epic. By epic, I mean incredible.

‘Bloodlines,’ the first track starts the slow face-melting process that lasts almost 50 mins, the length of the entire album. ‘The Gears’ that follows next would probably be among the top tracks on the album (It’s impossible to pick just one) The hooks and licks grabs you by the collar and then proceeds to knock you out with a sledgehammer, just for good measure. ‘Burn The Earth’, ‘Laser Cannon Deth Sentence’ and ‘Deth Support’ pretty much follow the same trend, with fast relentless drumming and crushing metal riffs that never seem to grow old.

The name of the 8th song, ‘I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin’ pretty much says a lot about the state of affairs at the Dethklok camp. A chief Norse God murdered (presumably by the band) and Nathan Explosion singing a song about the evidence at the site. I mean, that’s just wicked!

Murmaider was my favourite song on ‘The Dethalbum I’ and Murmaider II: The Water God picks up where the song left off. Recorded deep underwater in a nuclear power submarine, the song, without a doubt, has one of the most bad-ass metal riffs ever. Simple yet heavy, powerful, guitar and drum triplets form the background over which the essential song lies. It’s not easy staying in focus after such a well orchestrated attack on your senses, but yet, you do. You want to. You have to.. Even after the final strains of the last 3 songs, ‘Comet Song’, ‘Symmetry’ and ‘Volcano’ finally pass, the hooks, riffs and inexorable double bass drumming that assaulted your senses stays in your head. A testimony to Brendon Small’s song writing skills.

Fans of Dethklok’s first album will immediately notice the technical and musical expansions that ‘The Dethalbum II’ offers. The humourous element that made up a large part of the debut album has been almost completely replaced with a serious, in-your-face front and the band’s sound is way more refined. The vocals that sounded monotonous in the first album have a lot more variety and yet still sounds murderous. Gene Hoglan’s drumming never fails and the recording is sharp, clear and leaves nothing to imagination.

To sum it up, all I can say is,
“Go forth,
Buy the album,
or go forth and die..”