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Dark Carnage – Abominate. Annihilate. (EP)

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

The North East has a huge metal scene. Everyone knows that, and everyone is as aware of the glaring discrepancy in the amount of quality output produced in comparision to the number of metal fans and musicians out there. Lately there have been improvements though, and Dark Carnage’s EP “Abominate. Annihilate.” is definitely a step in the right direction.

Stylistically, this band would remind one of Born Of Osiris – deathcore-ish with heavy use of the keys. The EP begins with the aptly titled ‘The Unfolding’. This is becoming rather a habit with most bands, ‘building up’ an atmosphere with a clean intro. But if you’re doing that, the next song should seem like an uninterrupted continuation. However, though the intro is a well composed piece in itself, the continuation to the next song seems a little dragged, and the transition to the first riff sounds a tad too abrupt. The album however soon picks up pace and flows well after that. A good dynamic exists between the lead and the rhythm, and the keyboards provide a nice sonic backdrop throughout. The riffs are sometimes engaging and progressive, though sometimes they end up on the blander side. The keyboard leads are well thought, and shift in and out of perspective according to the need of the song. The vocals are brutal according to the need of the sound, but sometimes might get a little monotonous. The guitar and keyboard solos in ‘Acrimony of Terrorism’ are pretty impressive, and as a whole the song stands above all others, and makes for a perfect closing for the EP. The bass is not to be forgotten, as it makes it presence felt on the intro to ‘Deathmatch Destruction’. The drums are tight as heck, and really hold the band’s sound together. The production is decent, nothing exceptional, but works well for the band’s sound. Over-slick would have been over-kill in this case.

Overall, when the use of keyboards in death/black metal just make most bands sound like lame imitations of bad CoF albums and Dimmu Borgir’s shitty stuff, Dark Carnage tries to establish it’s own niche. Though the sound isn’t entirely fresh, it’s an attempt at originality I can appreciate. They’ll get a 7/10. Hope for a much better full length in the future.