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Cypher 16 – The Metaphorical Apocalypse

  • Review by: Vilasini Muralidhar

If you had attended the Great Indian Octoberfest that happened last year in Bangalore, you might be familiar with Cypher 16. They are a metal band from the United Kingdom whose music brings together a variety of influences, ranging from thrash and classic heavy metal to a bit of industrial and electronica as well. This may sound like a mixture of oil and water, but this is only till you actually listen to their music!

The EP, titled ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’ opens with an intro- “A crack of thunder, flash of light”. The electronica influence hits you right away, and it isn’t till about 50 seconds later, when the drums kick in, that you actually straighten yourself up and listen. The intro continues into “I am Scientist”, an explosive first track on the album. It has a simple yet very catchy riff, and it’s also interesting to note how the echoic clean vocals, which have a nice slow drawl to them, have been laid over the fast guitars. It’s a little unconventional, but works!

The following track, “Lonely Road”, starts off well, bringing in a couple of surprises as it progresses. Breaks with a few seconds of slow strumming and pitch shifts add to these. “Stones” is chunky and slightly heavier than the earlier songs. The repeated riffing is just about saved from monotony when the lead guitar kicks in, and then it all abruptly ends. The last song on the EP is the title track- “The Metaphorical Apocalypse”. It’s got a great guitar intro and hints of dance music-like-sounds in the background. But they are kept very subtle, and so, blend very well. This song is one of the best on the EP, and scores high on melody.

Overall, ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’ EP is a very good effort by Cypher 16. There are a few minor areas where the scores might drop, vocal production being one of them. The singer has good range and a powerful voice, but this doesn’t show very much on the album. Lead guitars could’ve been made a little crisper too. But drawbacks aside, Cypher 16 strongly establishes their sound with ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’. What I like best about them is that they’ve broken all the barriers of genres (and sub-genres) and come out with a unique and supremely impressive Cypher 16 sound. Without doubt, this band will go places and if that journey to the top hasn’t started already, it will, now.

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