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CHRONIC XORN – Death Destruction Sermon

  • Review by: Madhav R

This review is a first of sorts for Headbangers India. This is the first time a metal band from Kolkata has had their album reviewed on the site, and is also and the first album review for a band under Six Inch Nails Records, one of India’s more recent additions to the extreme metal scene. Death Destruction Sermon is the debut release by Chronic Xorn, a metalcore band from Kolkata and having watched them at the Summer Storm pre-party in Bangalore, I bought the album and decided to give it a spin.

The album begins with ‘Psychic Catastrophe’, an instrumental intro, spanning a little less than 3 minutes before bursting into ‘Afraid Of The Unseen’. The -core influences are immediately brought to the forefront, with breakdown leading into breakdown and melody leading into melody. On first listen, the band sounds like the progeny of Still Remains, All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold and all the other bands that form the genre and repeated spins only reaffirmed that. Song #3, ‘The Funeral Song’ continues in the same vein. The band has talent, there’s no doubt about that. Juicy hooks, good drumming grooves and powerful growls make for quite an interesting listen. ‘Necropolis’ as well as the title song, ‘Death Destruction Sermon’ would be my picks off the album. I must state that although I personally found the melodies a little overdone and too cheesy for my liking, they were catchy and that’s probably what I enjoyed the most. The songs were running through my head long after the last song ‘My Little Obsession’ ended, and that’s probably one of the highlights the album has to offer. The music is good and kept me interested long enough to write this review and now, almost a month since I listened to it for the first time, I still find myself stretching out to spin this. Despite the shoddy artwork and the below-average production, the psychologically tempting cost of just Rs99 should convince you into picking this up. It’s worth a buy and a listen.