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Burning Point – Empyre

  • Review by: AJ

This band’s last release swung between being good and not good in many reviewer’s notepads. One of my friends who reviewed this bands’ previous release was caught scratching his head, as he was not quite sure whether to admire it or despise it. However, this album doesn’t complicate that decision as the earlier album.

Give it a listen. No, I don’t mean, a single listen because they are always deceiving. Listen to it more than once and you will agree with what I have written below. To simply reveal it, I like this album.

Now, without further delay, let me bring this to your attention that I don’t detect any improvisation by the band in their music. That 80’s vibe lingers in their music with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio influences too. Still, they manage to strike a chord with their audience in a more positive manner this time.

There is this fine blend of both melodic heavy metal and power metal in a few songs in this album. Frankly, these cocktail pieces are the best pieces in this record (see below). Undoubtedly, you will be able to detect rock-anthem symptoms in the song Sacrifice.

So, I would conclude that there are two factors making this album a good one. It is the “old-school” technique used here and there in bits and pieces. But, most importantly, it is the superior production that has very successfully shown the maturity in the band’s musicianship. There is neither anything terribly wrong with this record, nor is it groundbreaking.
Not a perfect album as it has uneven areas to further polish. However, this is one of the band’s finest works, so far. It is more mature. Give it a listen. Remember, not just one listen.

Highlights of the album: Fool’s parade, Was it me, Walls of Stone, Only the wrong will survive, Sacrifice.