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BULLET STORM – ‘The Shadow of Mine’ single

  • Review by: Ishaan Kumar

Having homegrown musical influences in one’s music is always a great advantage for a band that comes from a culturally rich country like India. However, the few bands that have exhibited such qualities have more often than not, stuck to the ‘westernized’ middle-Eastern style by playing the same notes and similar diminished scales, making the music sound more Arabic/Persian than Indian.

However, could Bullet Storm, a metalcore duo from Kolkata, change things in our nation? Here is a pair of Bengali boys playing metalcore with…wait for it…Carnatic influences! They have in fact, released a cover of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ before the recent release of their first original single, ‘The Shadow of Mine’. The song starts immediately with a Carnatic melody, played using a guitar (but I’m sure there’s a rudraveena patch or something of that sort involved as well). The tone sets things into motion for the rest of the song which is for a good half of its net duration, a regular metalcore song with breakdowns, harsh verse vocals and the clean chorus set against a backdrop of chords. The song is interspersed with the regular Carnatic shifts where ragas get the ‘metalcore breakdown’ treatment and yet sound convincingly like the lovely strains that South India is so famous for! Also, special mention goes out to the solo that is entirely a mix of Carnatic scales.

The big downside though, is the production. This is a level of production that would roll out a tear from the likes of  Fenriz and Varg Vikernes. The vocals are the only thing mixed well, the guitars are a fuzzy background element, the bass is almost non-existent and the drums sound as obviously programmed as the sound programming itself. Understandably though, it requires a proper studio or at least great (and expensive) equipment to record music well but this is an investment that the duo should definitely think about. Overall though, if you’re a fan of eclectic music (being a metalcore fan also helps), definitely check their music out HERE.