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Blut Aus Nord – 777 – The Desanctification(2011)

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

How often do you see metal bands put out two back to back releases, each as good as the best release they’d put out till then, or even better, and that too within twelve months of each other? Rarely, I’d guess, for such a thing is exceedingly uncommon. But then, Blut Aus Nord is a unique band with unique sounds, and 777- The Desanctification, part of  the 777 trilogy, following the epic “777- Sect(s)”, is now proof that Blut Aus Nord have secured their place as one of the most prolific and consistent black metal bands of all time.

The album picks up where its predecessor left off, the slow, merciless sludgy sounds of Epitome VI, and continues in a similar vein, with the industrial influences making themselves felt from the very first track. Epitome VII and VIII build the album up to it’s first climax in a matter of fifteen odd minutes, only to pave way for the ambient, spacey clean guitars of Epitome IX. Vindsval shows how diverse he is with the vocals as well as the guitar throughout these three(and the remaining that follow, for that matter). The transition from IX to X is a little not-so-smooth compared to what it could have been, but then Epitome X Is where the tracks kind of change, where the sound of the second album overpowers the residual sounds of the previous, without disturbing the central theme, and the album now has a voice of it’s own, narrating the second part of BAN’s trilogy. The sound on the album is sharpened to perfection. The ambient bits, the distortion and reverb providing that insane grainy tone for the guitars, the industrial-ish modulation of the drum sound, the brief vocal whispers from Epitome X – XIII only leave us with a burning sense of curiousity…how is the conclusion of this foray into the realm of sheer aural majesty going to be?

The songwriting is superb, the mastering and the mixing is impeccable…there is very little that the band does not offer to a loyal fan or a curious onlooker who can probably now be assured that Blut Aus Nord can never change for the worse, given their current track record. Parts of this record need some patience, but then so does most good music for those not accustomed to it. This is one helluva trip. Overall score, 9.3/10. Go get it, and watch(or hear) an epic unfold.