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Blood Meridian – Elements of Brutality (EP)

  • Review by: Adarsh

Blood Meridian are a fairly known name in the circuit. They are a technical death outfit from Mumbai, and they actually do live up to the expectation of a death metal band. The growls, the drumming, the riffing, et al. They also add to the fact that Mumbai bands never disappoint, those dudes really know their shit. The EP Elements of Brutality is both brutal and technical in lethal doses, exhibiting both instrument proficiency and ability to compose on the same lines as what is established technical death metal.

The first song Under the Butcher’s Blade is sort of a prologue, giving the listener a rough shape of what’s to come. The vocalist doing extended screeches as well as guttural growls,accompanied by brooding guitar licks. The drumming is quite impeccable,which you get a taste of in the next track, Coma. The vocalist shows of his capabilities further with some brutal “bree brees”. The song has a slow guitar melody as it breaks, which seems to fit quite well, considering the aggression that’s built up before and after it. Shadows, the third track is more morbid, and adds a different aura to their sound. The song does change direction after about two and a half minutes. It seems they’re trying to give the listener a feel of Nile, not a bad effort but quite not epic enough, heh. Kill for the Lust of Blood takes a different direction as well, not only stepping into the brutal/slam category of sound, with slow chunky breakdowns and pig squeal-ish vocals but delivering Necrophagist-esque guitar leads, I should say there’s too much variation within the same song, not exactly complementing one another, leaving the listener quite confused as to what the band is trying to achieve. The last song on the EP is a cover of Spheres of Madness, perhaps the most well known track of legendary Polish death metal spearheads Decapitated. The song played at least 25 to 30 bpm faster is quite a treat to listen to and it will probably be a better treat to watch these guys cover it live. The slight variations, which are permissible in a cover of course, are brilliant in their respective spheres(of madness,haha).

The band over all seem to make their mark with this EP, which is actually quite well produced. They haven’t really gone for the over refined sound which most modern tech death bands opt for. The band is clearly influenced by a lot of the biggies and that is quite evident in their over all sound. An extremely commendable effort on the EP, these guys are definitely talented and have a great sound. Though at times it seems like they’re trying to ape their overly influential counterparts from the western hemisphere. I really wanna watch these guys live to see how much of their proficiency is translated to tightness and stage presence. Another band with loads of promise.