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Autopsy – The Tomb Within (EP) (2010)

  • Review by: Adarsh

15 years is too long for a band to remain dormant. Especially after the guitarist himself issues a statement that they will never get together again. But for the first time since 1995 Autopsy have re united in the studio, after delivering a destructive performance in this year’s Maryland Death Fest, and here they are with their EP The Tomb Within. Through the fifteen years they seem to have changed as musicians and it clearly reflects in their music. The quality of production is quite commendable as they haven’t gone overboard and over produced it as most of the modern day bands do. The music itself bears the feel-good factor, as Autopsy have maintained their original sound and staying true to their old school death metal roots and doing justice to themselves as one of the pioneers of early death metal.

Through the EP it’s clear that that they have somewhat let go of their doom death sound. The songs gallop in higher tempos along with Chris Reifert’s delightful growls. Add to this the good old orgasmic soloing and you’ve got yourself something to keep you tripping for a few weeks, to say the least. Looking back at Mental Funeral and Shitfun, one clearly misses the epic breakdowns that these guys are known for and popularized. But the album more than makes up for it with the epicness cleverly amalgamated in the memorable riffs. The second track My Corpse Shall Rise is the one that jaunts you back to the old days giving you a glimpse of Mental Funeral, of what used to be. The tempo continues to remain steady until the fourth song Human Genocide, that song delivering a sensational solo. The last track Mutant Village is when the tempo drops and Autopsy go back to what they were known for. A good six minutes long, this clearly qualifies as the best track on the EP.

Over all the EP is pretty much what you would expect from Autopsy, but not their best effort. It seems that they are saving their best for their upcoming full length album Macabre Eternal which is due in mid 2011. The Tomb Within certainly succeeds in laying the groundwork for what’s to come, and enough said, they are far from done wih making music. It also is definitely a great comeback album, more so because it’s been fifteen years in the making and definitely re-ignites the excitement for any death metal fan. Listen to it and wait for what’s to come is all I shall say.