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Autopsy – Macabre Eternal (2011)

  • Review by: Adarsh

The wait is finally over. After a 5 song EP for a prelude, the main course is served. On a platter that couldn’t be any more death metal than this. Yes, Autopsy are back! A full length after more than fifteen years, a potrait of legendary band, pioneers even, painted with a few modern day colors, so to speak.

Macabre Eternal is a grand return to the mainstage for a band of this calibre. A 12 song magnanimous trip that jaunts you away to the early nineties, reminding you of the dominant force these guys were. After delivering legendary records such as Severed Survival and Mental Funeral, these guys pulled down their shutters. But now, several years later, they’ve emerged, unscathed, to place their flag in the very same spot that they owned back then. A visible difference in sound definitely, the tempo is a lot higher on an average. There’s less “doom” I can say. There’s more of churning death metal that only icons like these can whip out. The song titles no doubt make it certain that they’re penned down by Autopsy. The overall musicality is quite different from back then too. It’s quite different even from The Tomb Within as well. A lot more mature in composition, a fantastic evolution in sound, noticeably. A 12 song album usually makes it harder to pick out key as there are many of them heh. Dirty Gore Whore is a one of a kind “smash hit” if you can say that. Always About To Die was the song that previewed the album hence a favorite among many a fan. Macabre Eternal and Deliver Me From Sanity are great picks too. My favorite Seeds Of The Doomed is a hell of a track. Masterminded with brilliant riff writing, this seems like it would be one of Autopsy’s many favorite tracks in years to come. Sadistic Gratification (love the howls and moans on this one, fucking br00tall), is perhaps the tip of the iceberg on this album. An eleven minute epic. It bears all the necessary characteristics of a doom classic. And the signature mark of a genius, in this case Eric Cutler. The leads on the album are what one seeks when they listen to an 80’s/90’s old school death metal band and they’re delivered to perfection.

The album is produced amazingly well, Chris reifert’s vocals are perfectly toned along with the drums, guitars and bass. Unlike bands that opt for a “modern” sound and end up making over produced shit, these guys know where to draw the line. An absolute treat for every death metal fahn, Autopsy fan or not. One of the best releases of 2011, and I personally say this shall be one of the best releases of the decade as well. Gods like Eric Cutler and Chris Reifert can do no wrong. Perhaps Morbid Angel can draw inspiration from these guys. Long live Autopsy!