Album Reviews

Artillerie – Eradefiled

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

When I went to download Artillerie’s debut from their website, the first thing that struck me was this – These guys have put shitloads of effort into making this album. The website was designed pretty well(though at times annoyingly elaborate for my simplistic needs, but this isnt the website review, so anyway), and the lyrical theme seemed to be some kind of an epic war, which was confirmed as I read the lyrics along with the songs.

Firstly, the songwriting. It’s well done, no doubt. The riffs are pretty solid, they make you headbang as you listen to the album. The vocals complement the riffs well, the drumming is top notch, flawlessly executed. The solos are slightly Slayer-ish, though not as abundant as expected. The only problem I have is that I can’t really remember any riff, or any part of the song once I’m done listening to the album for the first time. Very few of it really stands out as it ideally should. The grooves are there, but most of them aren’t infectious enough, except some in the latter half of the album such as “Uninhibited” and “Life to These Bones”, where the clean/melodic parts provide a break from the monotony of relentless bass string riffage.

I appreciate the fact that they have taken such efforts to perfect the sound(polished, very), packaging and theme of the album (check out the story developed on their blog), but without original songwriting, it all seems sort of redundant. They’ve just started out with this album, and I hope that they experiment more and find a sound of their own, a style that defines them as not just another groove/thrash band. Currently the theme does a lot to separate them from their peers at a local level, perhaps, but they really need something more musically to compete with the biggies away from home. This would be an excellent soundtrack if you’re playing it loud in a gaming lounge with some DOTA/CS or WoW going on, but they’ve still got some(if not a long) way to go before they can carve out a niche for themselves. They definitely have the potential(not just saying this for the sake of doing so), so lets hope they gimme a big “fuck you” in my face with their next release. Would give it a 7/10. Cheers. \m/