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Amogh Symphony – Abolishing The Obsolete System

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

Amogh Symphony is one of my favourite Indian metal acts, and is probably some of the most “progressive” stuff you can find in metal. So ATOS, or Abolishing The Obsolete System was an album that was highly anticipated by all tech-death/prog fans. What no one expected was all the electronica.

Now no offence, most of the compositions are brilliant, but I at least can’t stand much of electronica if it doesn’t fit in. For Amogh Symphony, it does to an extent, but still seems a bit out of place. Frankly, I preferred the previous EP that incorporated the traditional Indian instrumentals more than electronica. But the nice thing about ATOS compared to it’s predecessor is the jazz feel that some of the songs have, like “Phase Cancelled”, which are then followed by dissonant riffing. I’ll start with a song by song review.

1.Intro: Opus after Genocide – Nice start to an instrumental album, though a bit stretched out. Would have been better to have shortened it by half a minute in my opinion, but that’s probably impatience on my part.

2.Cyborg Activation – Starts with awesome riffing, reminds you of Neuraxis/The Faceless and other tech death bands, and with that “bass orgy” in the background, gets the blood pumping to your head. And then a mini-disaster at 1:27. The somewhat “vocal” part starts, and makes the thing sound like a Pakistani pop song being remixed by a DJ or something. At 4:19, the good shit is back, with the diminished riffs.

3.Greenhouse Effect – Nice start, even the electronic/keyboard bits fit in perfectly, like LTE(Liquid Tension Experiment). And then, after an “atmospheric” build up, suddenly breaks down into what might have been the soundtrack to “The Mummy” or something. Vocals are again a turn off, but the riffs that follow are compensation enough.

4.Abolishing The Obsolete System – The usual, technical riffing and the atmospheric part till the 4th minute, and the song suddenly walks down jazz lane…amazingly done.

5.Phase Cancelled –  I have one word to say for this…LOL. (Not a word, exactly, but still). The funky bit reminds you of the kind of insanity only a few artists like Behold The… Arctopus are capable of. And the bluesy part that follows fits in as well. Then the riffs, and then…something that sounds highly Arabic. Undoubtedly the weirdest song in the whole album.

6.Swallowing The Infected Syn – Finally growled out vocals! No idea what they’re doing in an instrumental album, but a definite improvement over those in songs Cyborg Activation and Greenhouse Effect. Riffs etc all have a nice Middle – Eastern feel, and towards the end, the riff in song two comes back slightly altered, and fits in perfectly. Very well done.

7.Post War Symphony – Nice acoustic outro, has the epic feel to it, similar to the intro(feel-wise) but more varied.

Overall, a good album with killer bass and guitar riffs and drumming that goes along perfectly. Good solid production as well. Hope we have a balance between the metal and the techno parts the next time round. If you haven’t checked this band out already, this might be the best time to start. Though a word of advice would be to listen to all the previous stuff as well.