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Albatross – Dinner Is You (2010)

  • Review by: Adarsh

Here is Mumbai based Horror Metal band Albatross’s first release. When I heard the term Horror Metal I assumed it would contain brutality and gore in lethal doses but Albatross were quite surprising, both lyrically and musically, as they choose to mainly talk about cannibalism and their music is nowhere to close to the usual brutal death or grind.

The music seems to escape categorization somehow, as you can see in the intro The Great Plague of the 21st Century, which is atmospheric and ambient in its own way. The second track The Dining Table is when the actual business starts, with the the first big surprise of clean vocals, the guitar works seems quite commendable, bunch of neat riffs every now and then. The bass too very nicely done, especially in the bass interludes, although the tone could have been a tad better. The band possesses a clear old school heavy metal influence, as can be seen in almost all the tracks. In the Court of Kuru is another 5+ minute long song with well crafted riffs and drumming that goes perfectly well with it. The vocals get better and the solo is quite sweet as well. Among the Cannibals is the last track and quite a long one stretching to almost ten minutes. The song does not have en explosive beginning and leaves one wondering if the monotony is gonna go on for the rest of the song, as the riffs and the tempo continue to remain the same without variations, until about the 5th minute when it picks up pace. There are 2 guitar solos that manage to do justice to the song.

Overall the album is very well produced and potrays each of the instrumentalists pretty well. The music however is not the easiest to digest and might take a little longer to get used to. The artwork could have been a lot better considering its horror and not a parody to horror. All said and done Albatross are not a band one would look forward to watching live after listening to their EP, but the guys do have potential and could graduate from good to better.

Rating: 3/5