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Acrophase – Microsleep In 3D

  • Review by: Ankit Baraskar

Vishal Sing is a busy man indeed. Recording his own Amogh Symphony album(which is kickass), he has also put out a digital album for his side project with Luke Jaeger(Sleep Terror fame), Acrophase. Called “Microsleep in 3D”, this album is an eclectic mix of electronica, downtuned guitar grooves and some insane shredding. Sans vocals, the album is fresh and ready to be picked off bandcamp and listened to.

The album starts off with Microsleep in 3D, the title track which is a perfect mix of the aforementioned ingredients. Probably the catchiest song on the entire album. The entire album flows from there, with djent-ish riffs, acoustic passages and well programmed drums making the journey highly enjoyable. Songs like “Phalangic Sexomnia” even have their share of hip-hop elements(turntables FTW!), which might tick some people off, but shall appeal to the open-minded listener due to the way they have been blended perfectly with the metal elements. The backing vocals on “Vidya” impart the song a distinctively Indian flavour. “External Beauty and What Lurks Within” has some extremely soulful melodic work, and simple yet killer harmonies.

The mix is also typical of Vishal Singh’s works, and the riffwork is typical of Jaeger’s stop start shred patterns, and even a casual listen is enough to assert that both have matured with time, and all the instruments have been given their due share of space on the frequency spectrum.

In short, Acrophase have made something that’s catchy as heck, original as heck and by sheer force of  logical conclusion merits a listen. One of the most original instrumental albums I’ve heard in a recent while, I’d give it a 9/10. You can buy the album off their bandcamp(digital download), and can even listen to it for free before purchasing it. Only complaint – they don’t play live.