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Abnormality – The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion (2010)

  • Review by: Adarsh

Abnormality is a death metal band from Massachusetts, United States. While you see a lot of brutal death bands borrow influences from slam and grind and mix it up, these guys keep it pretty straightforward, cleverly combining technicality with brutality to deliver some bonecrushing death metal. To add to that Mallika is easily on of the best female vocalists in the world right now, she simply stirs you up from the inside out with her merciless growls.

The EP starts off with the title track and makes quite an entry with an evil memorable riff, and once all the other instruments kick in, it’s like a huge pile of bricks being pulverized. Absolutely well produced, the drums rip the listener’s ears to shreds. One thing to be noted is the element of groove that these guys incorporate in the music, as opposed to never ending slamming of instruments. The song breaks down after 4 minutes for you to relish the mighty guitaring once again. Another thing to be noted is there’s no mindless guitar wankery either. As can be seen in the second track Hatred Relentless. The fantastic amalgamation of technical brutal riffs with Mallika’s vocals. The groove element is once again made conspicuous while the guitar solo rubs the feel factor in your face. The damage continues into the third and final song Zealotry. The aggression is turned up a notch as it feels like two huge wooden blocks smashing against each other as the double bass pounds the life out of the listener’s speakers. Mallika’s vocals indeed relentless, living up to her aforementioned reputation. The three song pummeling ride comes to a stop quickly as it began, leaving one asking for more.

I would really want to emphasize on the band’s innovation, putting together multiple elements to beat the listener to death, and as a fairly new band they have tons to offer. Each of them truly know their turf and are skilled marksmen (and woman, heh). Kudos to the engineer for magnificently capturing the essence of each instrument and vocals to bring out the gut wrenching sound. Abnormality is certainly a band to watch out for, in the forthcoming decade as they crush everything in their path to deliver ruthless bowel churning death metal.