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Abandoned Agony – Infected Unborn

  • Review by: Adarsh

My first encounter with Abandoned Agony was in the middle of 2008, in a not-so-impressive college show with not-so-impressive sound, and few metalheads. With a not-so-tight set and less time they seemed like any other band trying to make it big, the only glimmer of hope was that they played death metal, a genre untouched by many an artist. Talking about infected fetuses and manslaughter, and drawing influences from the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, these guys surely left their mark in my head. It took them quite a while to get established and record. Their demo Infected Unborn was released in early 2008, which they began distributing in the college shows they played in. With nothing great an effort production-wise, they still manage to strive their way into the hearts of death metal fans.

The demo starts off with Within, an ambient intro teasing you and making you wonder what’s going to follow. This is succeeded by Infected Unborn, with classic brutal death riffing and the sound of programmed drums (sadly). The song is basically one good riff blended into another, one after the other, with tempo changes here and there with the occasional blast beats. Nail the Unworthy, one of their bigger songs is third, it gives you a kick the second into the song, and leaves you wishing you were in a mosh pit. The song does possess a beautiful solo, one that stays true to its roots of death metal, making you wanting more and also showcasing 2 different kinds of guitarists Hitesh and Kiran coming together to create a masterpiece. Followed by Before My Grave, a song that reminds you of Cannibal Corpse and also proclaiming one of the band’s bigger influences. A 2 minute track, with yet another solo, this one being more old school. The outro is made purely magical by Shreyas’ drumming. Barbaric Killing, the last track and clearly the most brutal track on the demo, simply blows you away with its amazing drums, the rhythm playing and a guitar solo that seems to jaunt you away to a place called Tampa, Florida, heh.

Well the demo certainly made its mark and also helped Agony establish their brutality in the metal scene, but not so much as the band themselves. To be honest, Agony are not a band you’d want to listen to on your speakers, they’re a band you’d want to stand in the front row and headbang to, mosh to and perhaps even break your jaw while they belt out one number after another. Having become a 3 piece and having delivered brilliant performances at Rock Ethos and March Metal Mania last year, the band has come a long way in becoming one of the biggest bands in Bangalore. And with a change of sound now, which is more technical than ever and a huge fan base of growing death metal fans, Abandoned Agony are sure to become one of Bangalore’s legendary bands. Here’s wishing the boys Raju, Hitesh and Shreyas good luck for everything, and as they always tell their fans – Stay Brutal!